The Earth Community Network brings together people and organisations at the forefront in promoting change, ecological justice, and practical solutions for the Earth community.

In the words of Thomas Berry, the great community of Earth is a comprehensive community of all living and non-living components. As humans we are born of the Earth, nourished by the Earth, healed by the Earth.

The network seeks to engage as many people as possible, from diverse cultures and regions, helping them to feel and understand how we are all members of one living Earth Community. Only from that basis can we take decisions and actions, for the future of our own and other species.

As global partners in this venture, the network will focus on: strengthening systems of governance that respect the laws of the Earth; and experiential learning, to catalyse change that is conscious and lasting.

We invite you to learn more about the partners and projects of the Earth Community Network, enrol in a course at one of the learning centres, and inspire others to respect the rights of the Earth.


Courses at Schumacher College

In Search of Earth Ethics (March 6-18, 2005)

Patterns and Mysteries: New Ways of Learning from Nature (April 17-22, 2005)

Courses at Bija Vidyapeeth

Building Water Democracy (March 18-31, 2005)